Our skilled, full time estimators, all of whom specialize in commercial flooring takeoffs, including carpet, resilient, hardwood, and tile, complete bids quickly and accurately. To go along with their extensive product knowledge, they are familiar with unique scope requirements within all market segments, including corporate, healthcare, hospitality, education, retail, and industrial.

Mr. David’s Flooring estimators use the latest technology for on screen takeoffs, which allows for optimal seaming and layout diagrams as this keeps seams, cuts, and required product and materials to a minimum, reducing waste while maximizing the esthetic appeal. Mr. David’s experienced estimators utilize the latest technological tools available, giving us the flexibility to analyze and evaluate materials and labor while coming up with an accurate, efficient estimate.

Our clients benefit from our experienced, successful team of estimators and inspectors:

  • In-House Custom Computerized Estimating System

  • Concrete Moisture Testing and Solutions

  • Extensive Inspection Services

By closely reviewing and estimating each project during the initial stages, Mr. David’s Flooring will negate any surprises that tend to arise at the end of some commercial flooring jobs that are not properly provided with an accurate estimate.  Our estimators are exceptionally skilled and experienced and our satisfied, happy customers can attest to this!

In addition to our estimators, Mr. David’s Flooring also provides expert inspectors that will complete an onsite inspection and analysis, including testing of materials beneath the flooring surface, for a detailed report of any potential issues. Undiscovered faulty floor issues can become a frustrating situation. Perhaps more important than replacing or repairing a faulty floor is understanding why the failure occurred in the first place. Mr. David’s professionally trained inspectors are experts in analysis and failure analysis when identifying why faulty floors occurred. We are adept at completing inspections that will reveal any moisture, environmental conditions, sound issues, cracks or other problems with the following types of flooring:

  • Carpet

  • Resilient Vinyl Flooring

  • VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile)

  • Ceramic Tile

  • Laminate Flooring

  • Hardwood Flooring

  • Sub-Floors

  • Concrete

  • Specialty Flooring, Cork, Sisal, Rubber

Mr. David’s experienced estimating and inspection teams provide accurate bids, onsite assessments of any issues, and give overall confidence to our customers that any commercial flooring project undertaken will bring their vision to life. We take the time to understand what our clients want and deliver functional, aesthetic solutions – on time and within budget.